Spiderwire EZ Fluorocarbon fishing line

EZ Fluorocarbon fishing line
Breaking Strain:
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EZ Fluorocarbon fishing line Features & Specification

Spiderwire EZ Fluorocarbon Line 200yd 4lb -15lb Carp Coarse Game Fishing Line


 Selecting the right line is a difficult process, and choosing a fluorocarbon line that won't break the bank, yet maintains the standards of 100% fluorocarbon, has been nearly impossible. That is, until SpiderWire EZ Fluoro. This 100% fluorocarbon line holds every key benefit that other fluorocarbons possess, but without the high price tag. EZ Fluoro is one of the easiest-to-cast fluorocarbon lines and handles with ease. Newcomers to the 100% fluorocarbon world can fish with confidence with a line that fish can't see, that sinks, that features low stretch and won't absorb water. SpiderWire EZ Fluoro surpasses all other budget-friendly fluorocarbon lines because it is one of the most manageable lines on the market.

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